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This specifies the retry policy interval for backoffs. Note that if the base interval provided is larger than the maximum interval OR if any of the durations passed are <= 0 MS, there will be an error.

"baseInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration
"maxInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration

Field Type Description
baseInterval .google.protobuf.Duration Specifies the base interval for a retry.
maxInterval .google.protobuf.Duration Specifies the max interval for a retry.


Retry Policy applied at the Route and/or Virtual Hosts levels.

"retryOn": string
"numRetries": int
"perTryTimeout": .google.protobuf.Duration

Field Type Description
retryOn string Specifies the conditions under which retry takes place. These are the same conditions documented for Envoy.
numRetries int Specifies the allowed number of retries. This parameter is optional and defaults to 1. These are the same conditions documented for Envoy.
perTryTimeout .google.protobuf.Duration Specifies a non-zero upstream timeout per retry attempt. This parameter is optional.
retryBackOff Specifies the retry policy interval.