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Upstream Spec for AWS Lambda Upstreams AWS Upstreams represent a collection of Lambda Functions for a particular AWS Account (IAM Role or User account) in a particular region

"region": string
"lambdaFunctions": []
"roleArn": string

Field Type Description
region string The AWS Region where the desired Lambda Functions exist.
secretRef A Gloo Secret Ref to an AWS Secret AWS Secrets can be created with glooctl secret create aws ... If the secret is created manually, it must conform to the following structure: access_key: <aws access key> secret_key: <aws secret key> session_token: <(optional) aws session token>.
lambdaFunctions [] The list of Lambda Functions contained within this region. This list will be automatically populated by Gloo if discovery is enabled for AWS Lambda Functions.
roleArn string (Optional): role_arn to use when assuming a role for a given request via STS. If set this role_arn will override the value found in AWS_ROLE_ARN This option will only be respected if STS credentials are enabled. To enable STS credential fetching see Settings.Gloo.AwsOptions in settings.proto.


Each Lambda Function Spec contains data necessary for Gloo to invoke Lambda functions:

"logicalName": string
"lambdaFunctionName": string
"qualifier": string

Field Type Description
logicalName string the logical name gloo should associate with this function. if left empty, it will default to lambda_function_name+qualifier.
lambdaFunctionName string The Name of the Lambda Function as it appears in the AWS Lambda Portal.
qualifier string The Qualifier for the Lambda Function. Qualifiers act as a kind of version for Lambda Functions. See for more info.


Each Lambda Function Spec contains data necessary for Gloo to invoke Lambda functions [#next-free-field: 8]

"logicalName": string
"requestTransformation": bool
"responseTransformation": bool
"unwrapAsAlb": bool

Field Type Description
logicalName string The Logical Name of the LambdaFunctionSpec to be invoked.
invocationStyle Can be either Sync or Async.
requestTransformation bool Include headers, querystring, request path, and request method in the event payload sent to aws lambda.
responseTransformation bool de-jsonify response bodies returned from aws lambda.
unwrapAsAlb bool Unwrap the response as if the proxy was an ALB. Intended to ease migration when previously using alb to invoke Lambdas. For further information see below link for the expected format when true.


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