Package: envoy.config.matching.cipher_detection_input.v3


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Specifies that matching should be performed by the destination IP address. [#extension: io.solo.matching.inputs.cipher_detection_input]

"passthroughCiphers": []int
"terminatingCiphers": []int

Field Type Description
passthroughCiphers []int List of TLS ciphers to send to the passthrough cipher chain. Ciphers must be provided using their 16-bit value. These numbers of IANA standardised values for all possible cipher suites and can be found here: example: to select the following cipher 0x00,0x3c TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 this field should be set to 0x003c.
terminatingCiphers []int Terminating ciphers are those that should be considered as supported. If not specified, defaults to whatever the current envoy implementation finds to be the default set of ciphers.