Package: envoy.config.listener.proxy_protocol.v3


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"rules": []envoy.config.listener.proxy_protocol.v3.CustomProxyProtocol.Rule
"allowRequestsWithoutProxyProtocol": bool

Field Type Description
rules []envoy.config.listener.proxy_protocol.v3.CustomProxyProtocol.Rule The list of rules to apply to requests.
allowRequestsWithoutProxyProtocol bool Allow requests through that don’t use proxy protocol. Defaults to false. .. attention:: This breaks conformance with the specification. Only enable if ALL traffic to the listener comes from a trusted source. For more information on the security implications of this feature, see


"metadataNamespace": string
"key": string

Field Type Description
metadataNamespace string The namespace — if this is empty, the filter’s namespace will be used.
key string The key to use within the namespace.


A Rule defines what metadata to apply when a header is present or missing.

"tlvType": int
"onTlvPresent": .envoy.config.listener.proxy_protocol.v3.CustomProxyProtocol.KeyValuePair

Field Type Description
tlvType int The type that triggers the rule - required TLV type is defined as uint8_t in proxy protocol. See the spec <>_ for details.
onTlvPresent .envoy.config.listener.proxy_protocol.v3.CustomProxyProtocol.KeyValuePair If the TLV type is present, apply this metadata KeyValuePair.