Getting Started

We know you want to jump right in and start hacking away with Gloo Edge. That’s awesome! If you want to try out Gloo Edge in a hosted setting, please check out our Katacoda courses that will guide you through a number of scenarios using Gloo Edge, all in a sandboxed environment.

If you’d rather use your own Kubernetes cluster, all you need to do is install Gloo Edge using glooctl or Helm.

# Install glooctl
curl -sL | sh
export PATH=$HOME/.gloo/bin:$PATH

# Install Gloo Edge
glooctl install gateway

# Add the Helm repository for Gloo Edge
helm repo add gloo
helm repo update

# Create the namespace and install the Helm chart
kubectl create namespace gloo-system
helm install gloo gloo/gloo --namespace gloo-system

That’s it! With Gloo Edge installed you can try our Hello World example to get an idea of how Gloo Edge can be used.

For a more detailed guide on getting your local system configured, installing prerequisites, and deployment options check out our Preparation doc.