Health Checks

Gloo Edge includes an HTTP health checking plugin that can be enabled in a Gateway (which becomes an Envoy Listener). This plugin will respond to health check requests directly with either a 200 OK or 503 Service Unavailable depending on the current draining state of Envoy.

To activate a health check endpoint on a Gateway, you must first configure a Virtual Service.

Envoy can be forced into a draining state by sending an HTTP GET to the Envoy admin port on <envoy-ip>:<admin-addr>/healthcheck/fail. This port defaults to 19000.

To add the health check to a gateway, add the healthCheck stanza to the Gateway’s options, like so:

kind: Gateway
  name: gateway-proxy
  namespace: gloo-system
  bindAddress: '::'
  bindPort: 8080
        path: /any-path-you-want

The HTTP Path of health check requests must be an exact match to the provided healthCheck.path variable.