1. Whole-Cluster Dashboard
  2. Dynamically Generated Dashboards

Whole-Cluster Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is packaged by default with Gloo Edge Enterprise

A dashboard showing whole-cluster metrics can be found in the gloo/Envoy Statistics dashboard. In that dashboard you can find panels showing:

Dynamically Generated Dashboards

Gloo Edge Enterprise’s observability component generates a dashboard per watched upstream. These dashboards are updated and recreated every time an upstream changes. It renders a Go template that can be found in a configmap, which gets loaded into the observability pod’s env at startup:

~ > kubectl -n gloo-system get cm gloo-observability-config -o yaml | head -n 10
apiVersion: v1
  GRAFANA_URL: http://glooe-grafana.gloo-system.svc.cluster.local:80

      "annotations": {
        "list": [
            "builtIn": 1,

If you want to customize how these per-upstream dashboards look, you can provide your own template to use by writing a Grafana dashboard JSON representation to that config map key. Currently the only available variables that are available when the Go template is rendered are: