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Generic socket option message. This would be used to set socket options that might not exist in upstream kernels or precompiled Envoy binaries. [#next-free-field: 7]

"description": string
"level": int
"name": int
"intValue": int
"bufValue": bytes

Field Type Description
description string An optional name to give this socket option for debugging, etc. Uniqueness is not required and no special meaning is assumed.
level int Corresponding to the level value passed to setsockopt, such as IPPROTO_TCP.
name int The numeric name as passed to setsockopt.
intValue int Because many sockopts take an int value. Only one of intValue or bufValue can be set.
bufValue bytes Otherwise it’s a byte buffer. Only one of bufValue or intValue can be set.
state The state in which the option will be applied. When used in BindConfig STATE_PREBIND is currently the only valid value.


Name Description
STATE_PREBIND Socket options are applied after socket creation but before binding the socket to a port
STATE_BOUND Socket options are applied after binding the socket to a port but before calling listen()
STATE_LISTENING Socket options are applied after calling listen()