Upstream Health Checks

As part of configuring an Upstream, Gloo Edge provides the option of adding health checks that periodically assess the readiness of the Upstream to receive requests. See the Envoy documentation for more information.


Descriptions of the options available for configuring health checks can be found here .

Custom Headers for HttpHealthChecks

There are two ways to add custom headers to health check requests, both of which are shown in the example below.

        - header:
            key: example-name
            value: example-value
          append: true
        - headerSecretRef:
            name: example-name
            namespace: example-namespace
          append: true

A header represents an explicitly-specified header where the key is the header name and the value is the header value. In contrast, a headerSecretRef points to headers contained in a Kubernetes secret. Each secret represents one or more (header name, header value) pairs that will all be added to the request. Secrets for this purpose can be created with glooctl. In both cases, the append field controls whether headers from the give source add to existing headers with the same name (true) or overwrite them (false).