Package: envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2


Source File:


"stage": int

Field Type Description
jwtAuthn The JwtAuthentication config for this filter.
stage int Only SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute.JwtAuthnPerRoute with matching stage will be used with this filter.


"requirement": string
"claimsToHeaders": map<string, .envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute.ClaimToHeaders>
"clearRouteCache": bool
"payloadInMetadata": string

Field Type Description
requirement string
claimsToHeaders map<string, .envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute.ClaimToHeaders> Copy the claims from the payload field is the key. non-existant fields are ignored.
clearRouteCache bool clear the route cache if claims were added to the header.
payloadInMetadata string To easly integrate with other filters, this will copy the payload to this name in the dynamic metadata. The payload will only be copied if one payload is present (i.e. or match).


If this is specified, one of the claims will be copied to a header and the route cache will be cleared.

"claim": string
"header": string
"append": bool

Field Type Description
claim string
header string
append bool


"claims": []envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute.ClaimToHeader

Field Type Description
claims []envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute.ClaimToHeader


"jwtConfigs": map<int, .envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute>

Field Type Description
jwtConfigs map<int, .envoy.config.filter.http.solo_jwt_authn.v2.SoloJwtAuthnPerRoute> Map from stage number to jwt config This jwt config will only be processed by filters with the same stage number.