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Contains various settings for Envoy’s access logging service. See here for more information:

"accessLog": []

Field Type Description
accessLog []



Field Type Description
fileSink Output access logs to local file. Only one of fileSink or grpcService can be set.
grpcService Send access logs to gRPC service. Only one of grpcService or fileSink can be set.


"path": string
"stringFormat": string
"jsonFormat": .google.protobuf.Struct

Field Type Description
path string the file path to which the file access logging service will sink.
stringFormat string the format string by which envoy will format the log lines Only one of stringFormat or jsonFormat can be set.
jsonFormat .google.protobuf.Struct the format object by which to envoy will emit the logs in a structured way. Only one of jsonFormat or stringFormat can be set.


"logName": string
"staticClusterName": string
"additionalRequestHeadersToLog": []string
"additionalResponseHeadersToLog": []string
"additionalResponseTrailersToLog": []string

Field Type Description
logName string name of log stream.
staticClusterName string
additionalRequestHeadersToLog []string
additionalResponseHeadersToLog []string
additionalResponseTrailersToLog []string