Install the Gloo Edge command line tool (CLI)

You can install the Gloo Edge command line, glooctl, to help install, configure, and debug Gloo Edge. Depending on your operating system, you have several installation options.

Update glooctl CLI version

If you already installed glooctl, make sure to update glooctl to the same minor version as the version of Gloo Edge that is installed in your cluster. For example, if you’re using Gloo Edge 1.12.35, you should use a 1.12.35 release of glooctl.

You can use the glooctl upgrade command to set the --release that you want to use. You can use this command to upgrade or roll back the glooctl version. For example, you might change versions during an upgrade process, or when you have multiple versions of Gloo Edge across clusters that you manage from the same workstation.

glooctl upgrade --release v1.12.35

Verify the installation or update

You can verify the glooctl CLI is installed and running the appropriate version.

glooctl version

In the output, the Client is your local version. The Server is the version that runs in your cluster, and is undefined if you did not install Gloo Edge yet.

Client: {"version":"1.12.35"}
Server: version undefined, could not find any version of gloo running