Install command line tool (CLI)

The glooctl command line provides useful functions to install, configure, and debug Gloo Edge, though it is not required to use Gloo Edge.

You can verify the glooctl CLI is installed and running correctly by executing the command:

glooctl version

The command returns your client version and a missing server version (we have not installed Gloo Edge yet!):

Client: {"version":"1.2.3"}
Server: version undefined, could not find any version of gloo running

Update glooctl CLI version

You should always try to use the same minor glooctl version as the version of Gloo Edge installed in your cluster, i.e., if you’re using Gloo Edge 1.6.x, you should use a 1.6.x release of glooctl.

Fortunately, glooctl is able to update itself to different versions. To change the version of glooctl you currently have installed, you can run:

glooctl upgrade --release v1.6.0

Note: The glooctl upgrade command can also be used to roll back your glooctl version to previous releases. This can be convenient if you are using an older version of Gloo Edge and want to use the same verison of glooctl to ensure compatability.