Install GraphQL

Set up API gateway and GraphQL server functionality for your apps in the same process by using Gloo Edge.

This feature is available only in Gloo Edge Enterprise. Remote execution is supported only in versions 1.14.0 and later.

Step 1: Install GraphQL in Gloo Edge

Enable GraphQL functionality in your Gloo Edge installation.

  1. Contact your account representative to request a Gloo Edge Enterprise license that specifically enables the GraphQL capability.

  2. Install or update Gloo Edge with your GraphQL-enabled license key. For the latest available version, see the Gloo Edge Enterprise changelog.

    • Install:
      glooctl install gateway enterprise --version 1.16.9 --license-key=<GRAPHQL_ENABLED_LICENSE_KEY>
    • Update: See the steps for updating your license.

Step 2: Enable API spec discovery for upstreams

To allow Gloo Edge to automatically discover API specifications, turn on FDS discovery. When discovery is enabled, Gloo Edge automatically creates graphqlapi resources based on the discovered specifications. Discovery is supported for gRPC, OpenAPI, and GraphQL server upstreams.

kubectl patch settings -n gloo-system default --type=merge --patch '{"spec":{"discovery":{"fdsMode":"BLACKLIST"}}}'

Note that this setting enables discovery for all upstreams. To enable discovery for only specified upstreams, see the Function Discovery Service (FDS) guide.

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