Operations dashboard

Monitor the health of your Gloo Platform environment with the Gloo operations dashboard.

Operations dashboard screenshot

About the operations dashboard

The operations dashboard lets you monitor the health of your Gloo Platform environment, such as the average translation and reconciliation time for the Gloo management server, or translation errors that occured. Built on top of Grafana and integrated with the Gloo Prometheus server, the dashboard is configured to visualize critical Gloo Platform metrics and alerts for you so that you can quickly see errors and the performance of Gloo Platform components.

With the operations dashboard, you have access to the following key features:

The operations dashboard is not automatically set up when you install Gloo Platform. To access the dashboard, you must install Grafana and import the operations dashboard configuration. For more information, see Open the operations dashboard.

Overview of monitored Prometheus metrics and alerts

To find an overview of the metrics that are monitored in the Gloo operations dashboard and the Prometheus alerts that are populated, see Explore default alerts

The operations dashboard does not populate all of the Gloo Platform metrics that are available in the built-in Prometheus server. To find an overview of all metrics, see View metrics.