meshctl demo setup

meshctl demo setup

Set up a multicluster Istio demo with Gloo Mesh


Bootstrap a multicluster Istio demo with Gloo Mesh.

Running the Gloo Mesh demo setup locally requires 4 tools to be installed and accessible via your PATH: kubectl >= v1.18.8, kind >= v0.8.1, istioctl, and docker. We recommend allocating at least 8GB of RAM for Docker.

This command will bootstrap 2 clusters, one of which will run the Gloo Mesh management-plane as well as Istio, and the other will just run Istio.

meshctl demo setup [flags]


  -h, --help             help for setup
      --license string   Gloo Mesh Enterprise license key
      --version string   Gloo Mesh Enterprise version to install. Defaults to the same version as the CLI.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --kubeconfig string    Path to the kubeconfig file for the cluster
      --kubecontext string   Name of the Kubernetes context for the management cluster
  -n, --namespace string     Namespace where Gloo Mesh should be installed (default "gloo-mesh")
      --plain                Add this flag to disable styling for terminal output
  -v, --verbose              Enable verbose logging