What is an API Gateway?

Learn about what an API Gateway is and the benefits of using one.

About Gloo Platform

Learn how Gloo Gateway fits into the Gloo Platform architecture.

About Gloo Gateway

Review the architecture and benefits of Gloo Gateway and how it can help you control network traffic for your microservices.

Multitenancy with workspaces

Learn how Gloo Gateway uses Gloo workspaces to control what Kubernetes resources a team can access, including the pods and services in your cluster, and the traffic policies that you apply to them.

Traffic management

Explore how Gloo Gateway controls and manages incoming traffic to the workloads in your Kubernetes cluster and how you can secure them with traffic policies.

Policy enforcement

Implement intelligent routing and response rules for the network traffic in your Gloo environment.


Review steps that you can take to make Gloo and gateway components more secure.


View options for how to monitor the traffic that enters or leaves your cluster by using the Gloo UI or the built-in Prometheus server.