Proto: api_doc.proto

Package: apimanagement.gloo.solo.io



Field Description
workspaces (repeated ApiDocReport.WorkspacesEntry)

ownerWorkspace (string)

The name of the workspace that owns the Graqphql API schema.
servingDestinations (repeated common.gloo.solo.io.DestinationReference)

A list of destinations serving the API.


Field Description
key (string)

value (common.gloo.solo.io.Report)


The ApiDoc resource represents an the schema of an API served by a Destination (Service, ExternalService). ApiDocs are typically created by Gloo Mesh Discovery running on the agent. They can also be created manually by users. The ApiDoc type is used to represent different types of API schema specification languages:

Field Description
openapi (ApiDocSpec.OpenAPISchema)

OpenAPI schema
grpc (ApiDocSpec.GrpcSchema)

gRPC schema
graphql (ApiDocSpec.GraphQLSchema)

GraphQL schema
servedBy (repeated ApiDocSpec.ServedBy)

the destinations that serve this API, if any. When manually creating an ApiDoc for a service that serves an OpenAPI or gRPC schema the destination selector field is required. A stitched OpenAPI schema for a set of routes exposed by a route table will have a reference to its corresponding route table.


The GraphQLSchema resource is responsible for providing the schema definition in GraphQL SDL format. It also has logging options for logging sensitive request-related information. And schema extension configuration such as custom type definitions.

Field Description
schemaDefinition (string)

Required: GraphQL Schema Definition. Root-level Query and Mutation types are supported, while the Subscription type is not yet supported.


a complete grpc schema describing the API @exclude TODO(Api-team)- unimplemented in Gloo Mesh 2.1

Field Description
descriptors (bytes)

Protobuf Descriptors that represent the gRPC services provided by the API. this is a serialized base64-encoded google.protobuf.FileDescriptorSet


a complete openapi schema describing the API

Field Description
inlineString (string)

inline string containing the OpenAPI schema


Field Description
destinationSelector (common.gloo.solo.io.DestinationSelector)


Field Description
common (common.gloo.solo.io.Status)

ownerWorkspace (string)

The name of workspace that owns the APIDoc.
selectedServingDestinations (uint32)

Count of the destinations serving the API.