Alpha: Portal

Secure, bundle, and share your APIs in a developer portal that you can customize with Gloo Platform Portal.

In other sections of the docs, you learned how Gloo Platform lets you set up ingress gateways and networking policies to control traffic to the workloads in your cluster environment. Now, you can use those same Gloo resources to set up a developer portal so that your apps’ end users can securely access your API services.

Gloo Portal is an alpha feature. Alpha features are likely to change, are not fully tested, and are not supported for production. For more information, see Gloo feature maturity.

The following guides walk you through how to set up both a Gloo Platform Portal backend and frontend developer portal that your users can use to securely interact with your APIs. Check out this video to learn more about this setup and the components that are involved. Then, use the links to get started with your own developer portal.