After debugging the management server and agent pods, you might still see error messages related to reconciling state. Gloo stores the state of its resources in a Redis pod. You can try to restart the pod to resolve these reconciliation issues.

  1. Enable port forwarding on port 9091 of the gloo-mesh-mgmt-server pod to your localhost.

    For more information, see the CLI documentation.

    meshctl proxy

    Forward port 9091 of the gloo-mesh-mgmt-server pod to your localhost.

    kubectl port-forward -n gloo-mesh deploy/gloo-mesh-mgmt-server 9091

  2. Take snapshots of your current state in case you want to refer to the logs later, such as to open a Support issue.

    curl localhost:9091/snapshots/input -o input_snapshot.json 
    curl localhost:9091/snapshots/output -o output_snapshot.json
  3. Get the gloo-mesh-redis-* pod.

    kubectl get pods -n gloo-mesh

    Example output:

    NAME                                    READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    gloo-mesh-mgmt-server-c7cc4dd77-8shdw   1/1     Running   0          4d19h
    gloo-mesh-redis-794d79b7df-28mcr        1/1     Running   0          4d19h
    gloo-mesh-ui-c8cfd5fdd-mdscf            3/3     Running   0          4d19h
    prometheus-server-647b488bb-ns748       2/2     Running   0          4d19h
  4. Delete the Redis pod.

    kubectl delete pod -n gloo-mesh $POD
  5. Try checking your Gloo management server or agent logs to see if the reconciliation errors are resolved.