Proto: trim_proxy_config_policy.proto




Field Description
workspaces (repeated TrimProxyConfigPolicyReport.WorkspacesEntry)

selectedWorkloads (repeated

A list of workloads selected by the policy.
includedHosts (repeated string)

A list of hosts of destinations included by the policy.


Field Description
key (string)

value (


Use the TrimConfigProxyPolicy to select workloads and their corresponding allowed destinations. Then, the Istio sidecar of the workloads keeps only the configuration of those allowed destinations instead of all the destinations in the Istio service mesh. Otherwise, the extra config can lead to memory pressure issues.

Field Description
applyToWorkloads (repeated

Select the workloads for the policy to trim the Istio sidecar config. If omitted, all workloads are selected.
config (TrimProxyConfigPolicySpec.Config)

Trim Proxy Config


Field Description
includedDestinations (repeated

Select which destinations to include in the trimmed sidecar proxy configuration of the workloads that this policy applies to. You can select destinations by Kubernetes label. Destinations can be a Kubernetes service, VirtualDestination, or ExternalService. To select all destinations, specify {}. If omitted or if the selection does not match any destination, no destinations are selected and the sidecar proxy configurations of the workloads are not trimmed. The destinations must be within the same workspace as the policy, or imported to the workspace.


Field Description
common (

numSelectedWorkloads (uint32)

The number of workloads selected by the policy.
numIncludedHosts (uint32)

The number of hosts of destinations included by the policy.