Prometheus server setup

Every Gloo installation comes with a built-in Prometheus server that you can use to monitor the health of Gloo Gateway and the Gloo Platform components. This page gives an overview of the default configuration for the Prometheus server, the metrics that are captured, and how the metrics are stored.

Default Prometheus server configuration

Depending on your setup, the built-in Prometheus server scrapes metrics from either the Gloo management server or Gloo OTel gateway. Metrics are scraped every 15 seconds. The scraping action times out after 10 seconds if no connection to the metrics endpoint could be established or no traffic was received from the metrics endpoint.

You can view the default Prometheus server configuration by running the following command.

kubectl get configmap prometheus-server -n gloo-mesh -o yaml

Retention period for metrics

Metrics are available for as long as the prometheus-server pod runs in your management cluster, but are lost between restarts or when you scale down the deployment.

Because metrics are not persisted between pod restarts, make sure to consider best practices for how to set up monitoring with Prometheus in production