Proto: references.proto




A reference to an AWS Lambda Function to use as a routing destination

Field Description
cloudProvider (ObjectReference)

Reference to the AWS Cloud Provider.
function (string)

Name of the function to reference.
qualifier (string)

Qualifier of the function to reference. Defaults to $LATEST
options (LambdaOptions)

Specify how the destinations should be configured, for configuring lambda functions. If the destination config is required for the destination and not provided by the user, Gloo will invalidate the destination and its parent resources.


Destinations point to the upstream services that fulfill client requests on matching routes that you set up, such as in a route table. Each destination must resolve to one and only one hostname.

Destinations can refer to a variety of resources. The behavior of the route action varies depending on the kind of destination.

Currently supported destination types are:

HTTP routes support all destinations. TCP routes support only Kubernetes Service and Gloo VirtualDestination destinations.

Field Description
ref (ObjectReference)

reference to a Kubernetes destination object by its metadata
awsLambda (AWSLambdaReference)

Reference an AWS Lambda function.
kind (DestinationKind)

the kind of Kubernetes destination being referenced. defaults to Service. Only applicable for Kubernetes destinations. For non Kubernetes destinations, this field is ignored.
port (PortSelector)

the port on the destination object being targeted. required if the object provides more than one port.
subset (repeated DestinationReference.SubsetEntry)

select a subset of the destination's endpoints for routing based on their labels. Only applicable for Kubernetes destinations.
weight (uint32)

Specify the proportion of traffic to be forwarded to this destination. Weights across all of the destinations must sum to 100. Weight is only relevant when used in the context of a route with multiple destinations.


Field Description
key (string)

value (string)


ListenerPortReference identifies a single listener in a VirtualGateway by port number

Field Description
gatewayRef (ObjectReference)

The gateway containing the listener.
port (uint32)

The port of the listener on the gateway.


reference to a Kubernetes API object. Kube API objects are referenced explicitly by the namespace and cluster containing them.

Field Description
name (string)

the name of the object
namespace (string)

the namespace of the object. if the field is omitted, Gloo Mesh will use the same namespace as the parent object containing this reference.
cluster (string)

the cluster of the object. if the field is omitted, Gloo Mesh will use the same cluster as the parent object containing this reference.


Field Description
ref (ObjectReference)

kind (WorkloadReference.WorkloadKind)


References the supported types for the Workload interface in pkg/utils/workloadutils/workload_types.go

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