Changelog Entry Types

You will find several different kinds of changelog entries:

A notice about a dependency in the project that had its version bumped in this release. Be sure to check for any “Breaking Change” entries accompanying a dependency bump. For example, a gloo version bump in Gloo Edge Enterprise may mean a change to a proto API.

A notice of a non-backwards-compatible change to some API. This can include things like a changed proto format, a change to the Helm chart, and other breakages. Occasionally a breaking change may mean that the process to upgrade the product is slightly different; in that case, we will be sure to specify in the changelog how the break must be handled.

A notice of a change to our Helm chart. One of these entries does not by itself signify a breaking change to the Helm chart; you will find an accompanying “Breaking Change” entry in the release notes if that is the case.

A description of a new feature that has been implemented in this release.

A description of a bug that was resolved in this release.