Package: envoy.config.matching.custom_matchers.server_name.v3


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Matches a specific server name provided in the client request against a set server names configured for the matcher to handle, with possible prefix wildcard.

"serverNameMatchers": []envoy.config.matching.custom_matchers.server_name.v3.ServerNameMatcher.ServerNameSetMatcher

Field Type Description
serverNameMatchers []envoy.config.matching.custom_matchers.server_name.v3.ServerNameMatcher.ServerNameSetMatcher Match server names. Order doesn’t matter, the most specific server name is matched.


Specifies a list of server names and a match action.

"serverNames": []string
"onMatch": .xds.type.matcher.v3.Matcher.OnMatch

Field Type Description
serverNames []string A non-empty set of server names. Server name can start with a wildcard prefix, e.g. “*”.
onMatch .xds.type.matcher.v3.Matcher.OnMatch Match action to apply when the input matches the server name.