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Contains various settings for Envoy’s tcp proxy filter. See here for more information:

"maxConnectAttempts": .google.protobuf.UInt32Value
"idleTimeout": .google.protobuf.Duration
"accessLogFlushInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration

Field Type Description
maxConnectAttempts .google.protobuf.UInt32Value
idleTimeout .google.protobuf.Duration
tunnelingConfig If set, this configures tunneling, e.g. configuration options to tunnel multiple TCP payloads over a shared HTTP tunnel. If this message is absent, the payload will be proxied upstream as per usual.
accessLogFlushInterval .google.protobuf.Duration If set, Envoy will flush the access log on this time interval. Must be a minimum of 1 ms. By default, will only write to the access log when a connection is closed.


Configuration for tunneling TCP over other transports or application layers.

"hostname": string
"headersToAdd": []

Field Type Description
hostname string The hostname to send in the synthesized CONNECT headers to the upstream proxy.
headersToAdd [] Additional request headers to be sent to upstream proxy. Mainly used to trigger upstream to convert POST request back to CONNECT requests.


Header name/value pair plus option to control append behavior.

"append": .google.protobuf.BoolValue

Field Type Description
header Header name/value pair that this option applies to.
append .google.protobuf.BoolValue If true (default), the value is appended to existing values.


Header name/value pair.

"key": string
"value": string

Field Type Description
key string Header name.
value string Header value.