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Object Metadata to be written with the resource into the remote cluster

"annotations": map<string, string>
"labels": map<string, string>
"name": string

Field Type Description
annotations map<string, string>
labels map<string, string>
name string


"clusters": map<string,>
"message": string
"observedGeneration": int
"writtenBy": string

Field Type Description
clusters map<string,> map containing the name of the cluster, with the associated Cluster namespaces.
message string
observedGeneration int metadata.Generation of the resource which has been processed.
writtenBy string A field indicating the entity responsible for writing this status. This is useful for determining if the pod has been restarted since the resource was processed. Typically this value will be set to of the pod.


"message": string

Field Type Description
message string


"namespaces": map<string,>

Field Type Description
namespaces map<string,> map containing the name of the namespace, with the associated status.


Name Description
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN indicates that the system does not know the placement status of the resource.
PLACED PLACED indicates that the resource has been placed as specified.
FAILED FAILED indicates that the resource could not be placed in a specified destination.
STALE STALE indicates that the resource continues to be present in a destination that is no longer specified.
INVALID INVALID indicates that the resource cannot be placed as specified because one or more destinations do not exist.
PENDING PENDING indicates that the resource is waiting to be processed.