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Static upstreams are used to route request to services listening at fixed IP/Host & Port pairs. Static upstreams can be used to proxy any kind of service, and therefore contain a ServiceSpec for additional service-specific configuration. Unlike upstreams created by service discovery, Static Upstreams must be created manually by users

"hosts": []
"useTls": .google.protobuf.BoolValue
"autoSniRewrite": .google.protobuf.BoolValue

Field Type Description
hosts [] A list of addresses and ports at least one must be specified.
useTls .google.protobuf.BoolValue Attempt to use outbound TLS If not explicitly set, Gloo will automatically set this to true for port 443.
serviceSpec An optional Service Spec describing the service listening at this address.
autoSniRewrite .google.protobuf.BoolValue When set, automatically set the sni address to use to the addr field. If both this and host.sni_addr are set, host.sni_addr has priority. defaults to “true”.


Represents a single instance of an upstream

"addr": string
"port": int
"sniAddr": string
"loadBalancingWeight": .google.protobuf.UInt32Value
"metadata": map<string, .google.protobuf.Struct>

Field Type Description
addr string Address (hostname or IP).
port int Port the instance is listening on.
sniAddr string Address to use for SNI if using ssl.
loadBalancingWeight .google.protobuf.UInt32Value The optional load balancing weight of the upstream host; at least 1. Envoy uses the load balancing weight in some of the built in load balancers. The load balancing weight for an endpoint is divided by the sum of the weights of all endpoints in the endpoint’s locality to produce a percentage of traffic for the endpoint. This percentage is then further weighted by the endpoint’s locality’s load balancing weight from LocalityLbEndpoints. If unspecified, each host is presumed to have equal weight in a locality.
healthCheckConfig (Enterprise Only): Host specific health checking configuration.
metadata map<string, .google.protobuf.Struct> Additional metadata to add to the endpoint. This metadata can be used in upstream HTTP filters or other specific Envoy configurations. The following keys are added by Gloo Gateway and are ignored if set: - “envoy.transport_socket_match” - “io.solo.health_checkers.advanced_http”.


"path": string
"method": string

Field Type Description
path string (Enterprise Only): Path to use when health checking this specific host.
method string (Enterprise Only): Method to use when health checking this specific host.