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"cluster": string
"isEnterprise": bool
"proxies": []
"region": string

Field Type Description
cluster string The cluster on which this Gloo instance is located.
isEnterprise bool
proxies []
region string Geographical region in which this gloo instance is located. Each proxy may potentially live in 1 or more zones, so zonal information is stored on the proxy.


"version": string
"namespace": string
"watchedNamespaces": []string

Field Type Description
version string The version.
namespace string Namespace in which the control-plane (Gloo) is located.
watchedNamespaces []string An optional list of watched namespaces for Gloo resources. By default, if this list is empty, we look in all namespaces.


"replicas": int
"availableReplicas": int
"readyReplicas": int
"wasmEnabled": bool
"readConfigMulticlusterEnabled": bool
"version": string
"name": string
"namespace": string
"zones": []string
"ingressEndpoints": []

Field Type Description
replicas int The number of requested proxy replicas.
availableReplicas int The number of available proxy replicas.
readyReplicas int The number of ready proxy replicas.
wasmEnabled bool Whether or not this proxy supports wasm plugins.
readConfigMulticlusterEnabled bool Whether or not this proxy allows its config dumps to be read.
version string The version.
name string Name of the proxy instance, this is important to distinguish it from other proxy instances, which may be in the same namespace.
namespace string Namespace in which the proxy is located.
workloadControllerType Workload controller type indicates the type of workload controller managing the Proxy’s pods (i.e. Deployment, DaemonSet).
zones []string Zones in which the replicas of a given proxy deployment are running. Kubernetes supports multi zone deployments, so 1 proxy may potentially live in multiple zones.
ingressEndpoints []


"address": string
"ports": []
"serviceName": string

Field Type Description
address string
ports []
serviceName string Kubernetes service name, will be populated only if applicable.


"port": int
"name": string

Field Type Description
port int
name string


Name Description


"writeNamespace": string

Field Type Description
writeNamespace string Namespace which gloo-fed will write all of its admin resources to.
proxyId name of proxy which will be used for gloo-fed by default for this instance, unless specified via: TODO.


Check describes the status of the objects powering the GlooInstance.


Field Type Description
gateways Gateways describes the Gateways configuring the GlooInstance.
virtualServices VirtualServices describes the VirtualServices configuring the GlooInstance.
routeTables Route Tables describes the RouteTables available the GlooInstance.
authConfigs Auth Configs describes the AuthConfigs available to the GlooInstance.
settings Settings describes the Settings configuring the GlooInstance.
upstreams Upstreams describes the Upstreams available to the GlooInstance.
upstreamGroups UpstreamGroups describes the UpstreamGroups available to the GlooInstance.
proxies Proxies describes the Proxies configuring the GlooInstance.
rateLimitConfigs RateLimitConfigs describes the RateLimitConfigs available to the GlooInstance.
matchableHttpGateways MatchableHttpGateways describes the MatchableHttpGateways available to the GlooInstance.
matchableTcpGateways MatchableTcpGateways describes the MatchableTcpGateways available to the GlooInstance.
deployments Deployments describes the Deployments in the GlooInstance’s install namespace.
pods Pods describes the pods in the GlooInstance’s install namespace.


Summary provides aggregate information for a given resource type.

"total": int
"errors": []
"warnings": []

Field Type Description
total int The total number of resources in any state.
errors [] Errors is a list of resource refs and their associated error messages.
warnings [] Warnings is a list of resource refs and their associated warning messages.


A ResourceReport references an object and provides a status message.

"message": string

Field Type Description
message string


Field Type Description