Package: envoy.config.transformer.xslt.v2


Source File: github.com/solo-io/gloo/projects/gloo/api/external/envoy/extensions/transformers/xslt/xslt_transformer.proto


Defines an XSLT Transformation.

"xslt": string
"setContentType": string
"nonXmlTransform": bool

Field Type Description
xslt string XSLT transformation template which you want to transform requests/responses with. Invalid XSLT transformation templates will result will result in a NACK during envoy configuration-time and the configuration will not be loaded.
setContentType string Changes the content-type header of the HTTP request/response to what is set here. This is useful in situations where an XSLT transformation is used to transform XML to JSON and the content-type should be changed from application/xml to application/json. If left empty, the content-type header remains unmodified by default.
nonXmlTransform bool This should be set to true if the content being transformed is not XML. For example, if the content being transformed is from JSON to XML, this should be set to true. XSLT transformations can only take valid XML as input to be transformed. If the body is not a valid XML (e.g. using JSON as input in a JSON-to-XML transformation), setting non_xml_transform to true will allow the XSLT to accept the non-XML input without throwing an error by passing the input as XML CDATA. defaults to false.