Envoy Bootstrap Configuration

Configuring Envoy

Envoy’s bootstrap configuration can be done in two ways: 1) with a configuration file that we represent as the config map gateway-proxy-envoy-config and 2) with command-line arguments that we pass in to the gateway-proxy pod.

You do not need to set either of these manually - gloo has default settings for both in its Helm chart.

Configuration File

The Helm value that overrides our default bootstrap configuration is gatewayProxies.$PROXY_NAME.configMap. To see an example config map, look no further than Envoy’s configuration documentation.

To see the entire list of Gloo Edge Helm Overrides, see our list of Helm Chart values.

Command-line Arguments

The Helm value that sets additional Envoy command line arguments is gatewayProxies.NAME.extraEnvoyArgs.

To see a list of available Envoy command line arguments, see their latest command line documentation.

We will always set --disable-hot-restart regardless of any value provided to extraEnvoyArgs.

An example values.yaml file that you could pass in to configure Envoy is:

      - --component-log-level
      - upstream:debug,connection:trace

This sets the log levels of individual Envoy components - setting the upstream log levels to debug and the connection component’s log level to trace.