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NamespacedStatuses indicates the Status of a resource according to each controller. NamespacedStatuses are meant to be read-only by users

"statuses": map<string,>

Field Type Description
statuses map<string,> Mapping from namespace to the Status written by the controller running in that namespace.


Status indicates whether a resource has been (in)validated by a reporter in the system. Statuses are meant to be read-only by users

"reason": string
"reportedBy": string
"subresourceStatuses": map<string,>
"details": .google.protobuf.Struct
"messages": []string

Field Type Description
state State is the enum indicating the state of the resource.
reason string Reason is a description of the error for Rejected resources. If the resource is pending or accepted, this field will be empty.
reportedBy string Reference to the reporter who wrote this status.
subresourceStatuses map<string,> Reference to statuses (by resource-ref string: “Kind.Namespace.Name”) of subresources of the parent resource.
details .google.protobuf.Struct Opaque details about status results.
messages []string Additional information about the current state of the resource.


Name Description
Pending Pending status indicates the resource has not yet been validated
Accepted Accepted indicates the resource has been validated
Rejected Rejected indicates an invalid configuration by the user Rejected resources may be propagated to the xDS server depending on their severity
Warning Warning indicates a partially invalid configuration by the user Resources with Warnings may be partially accepted by a controller, depending on the implementation