FIPS Compliant Data Plane

Installing FIPS compliant images

Gloo Edge Enterprise binaries have images available that were built with FIPS-compliant crypto libraries. These can be installed by setting global.image.fips=true via Helm.
Add the following to your value-overrides.yaml file

    fips: true

and use it to override the default values in the Gloo Edge chart with Helm 3

helm install gloo glooe/gloo-ee --namespace gloo-system \
  -f value-overrides.yaml --create-namespace --set-string license_key=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

ExtAuth Plugins

If you are building your own ExtAuth plugins, you will need to build those plugins with goboring as well. Follow the Building External Auth Plugins guide and use the value of FIPS_GO_BUILD_IMAGE in your docker builds.

What is FIPS compliance

FIPS-compliant cryptography modules have been certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and meet the security standards required for use in government settings. Using FIPS-compliant cryptography libraries is a requirement for getting FIPS certification for your application.


The FIPS-compliant binaries are built with goboring, which uses CGO to call out to FIPS-compliant crypto libraries. This adds overhead to cryptography operations and can complicate cross-compilation. If your project does not require FIPS-compliant cryptography, installing FIPS-compliant Gloo Edge is not recommended.


During the build and release process, the FIPS-compliant images are validated to ensure they are built with FIPS-compliant crypto libraries. Below are the steps that you can take to validate the images yourself:

  1. Download the FIPS-compliant image.

    docker pull
  2. Create a container with the image that you downloaded.

    docker create --name gloo-ee
  3. Copy the Gloo binary from the container to your local machine.

    docker cp gloo-ee:/usr/local/bin/gloo .
  4. Download the lastest goversion.

    go install
  5. Use the goversion CLI to print the cryto libraries that are linked in the Gloo binary.

    goversion -crypto gloo

    Example output for standard Gloo Edge images:

    gloo go1.20.9 (standard crypto)

    Example output for FIPS-compliant Gloo Edge images:

    gloo go1.20.9 X:boringcrypto (boring crypto)