Package: xds.type.matcher.v3


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A regex matcher designed for safety when used with untrusted input.

"googleRe2": .xds.type.matcher.v3.RegexMatcher.GoogleRE2
"regex": string

Field Type Description
googleRe2 .xds.type.matcher.v3.RegexMatcher.GoogleRE2 Google’s RE2 regex engine.
regex string The regex match string. The string must be supported by the configured engine.


Google’s RE2 <>_ regex engine. The regex string must adhere to the documented syntax <>_. The engine is designed to complete execution in linear time as well as limit the amount of memory used.

Envoy supports program size checking via runtime. The runtime keys re2.max_program_size.error_level and re2.max_program_size.warn_level can be set to integers as the maximum program size or complexity that a compiled regex can have before an exception is thrown or a warning is logged, respectively. re2.max_program_size.error_level defaults to 100, and re2.max_program_size.warn_level has no default if unset (will not check/log a warning).

Envoy emits two stats for tracking the program size of regexes: the histogram re2.program_size, which records the program size, and the counter re2.exceeded_warn_level, which is incremented each time the program size exceeds the warn level threshold.

Field Type Description