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A MatchableHttpGateway describes a single FilterChain configured with:

A Gateway CR may select one or more MatchableHttpGateways on a single listener. This enables separate teams to own Listener configuration (Gateway CR) and FilterChain configuration (MatchableHttpGateway CR)


Field Type Description
namespacedStatuses NamespacedStatuses indicates the validation status of this resource. NamespacedStatuses is read-only by clients, and set by gateway during validation.
metadata Metadata contains the object metadata for this resource.
matcher Matcher creates a FilterChainMatch and TransportSocket for a FilterChain For each MatchableHttpGateway on a Gateway CR, the matcher must be unique. If there are any identical matchers, the Gateway will be rejected. An empty matcher will produce an empty FilterChainMatch ( effectively matching all incoming connections.
httpGateway HttpGateway creates a FilterChain with an HttpConnectionManager.


"sourcePrefixRanges": []

Field Type Description
sourcePrefixRanges [] CidrRange specifies an IP Address and a prefix length to construct the subnet mask for a CIDR range. See
sslConfig Ssl configuration applied to the FilterChain: - FilterChainMatch: - TransportSocket: