Learn how and where to deploy Gloo Edge Federation.

Deployment topology

Gloo Edge Federation is primarily an additional Kubernetes controller that runs alongside Gloo Edge controllers. It is composed of Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) and a controller pod that watches the custom resources and executes actions.

The controller deployment and CRDs are created in an “administrative” cluster. Note that the Gloo Edge Federation controller can also be deployed in an existing cluster that is already running Gloo Edge.

Gloo Edge Federation deployment

You can choose between two standard deployment models for Gloo Edge Federation:

  1. Alongside Gloo Edge Enterprise
  2. Standalone mode

Option 1: Alongside Gloo Edge Enterprise

By default, Gloo Edge Federation is installed alongside Gloo Edge Enterprise.

After installation, check that the following deployments are ready.

kubectl -n gloo-system get deploy
NAME                                  READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
gloo-fed                              1/1     1            1           130m
gloo-fed-console                      1/1     1            1           130m

If you can’t see these deployments, install or upgrade the Gloo Edge Helm chart with the following Helm values.

  enabled: true

Option 2: Standalone mode

To deploy Gloo Edge Federation in a standalone mode, you must install the Gloo Edge Federation Helm chart.

helm install gloo-fed gloo-fed/gloo-fed --version $GLOO_VERSION --set license_key=$LICENSE_KEY -n gloo-system --create-namespace

Next, register the Gloo Edge instances.