Package: xds.type.matcher.v3


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Matches a fully qualified server name against a set of domain names with optional wildcards.

"domainMatchers": []xds.type.matcher.v3.ServerNameMatcher.DomainMatcher

Field Type Description
domainMatchers []xds.type.matcher.v3.ServerNameMatcher.DomainMatcher Match a server name by multiple domain matchers. Each domain, exact or wildcard, must appear at most once across all the domain matchers. The server name will be matched against all wildcard domains starting from the longest suffix, i.e. input will be first matched against, then *, then *.com, then *, until the associated matcher action accepts the input. Note that wildcards must be on a dot border, and values like * are invalid.


Specifies a set of exact and wildcard domains and a match action. The wildcard symbol * must appear at most once as the left-most part of the domain on a dot border. The wildcard matches one or more non-empty domain parts.

"domains": []string
"onMatch": .xds.type.matcher.v3.Matcher.OnMatch

Field Type Description
domains []string A non-empty set of domain names with optional wildcards, e.g., *.com, or *.
onMatch .xds.type.matcher.v3.Matcher.OnMatch Match action to apply when the server name matches any of the domain names in the matcher.