Proto: storage.proto




You can add your own backing storage for Gloo Portal by configuring the Storage custom resource. Gloo Portal supports adding the Aerospike database for API keys.

Field Type Label Description
apikeyStorage Configure the details for the API key backing storage. These API keys are generated as part of the auth policy for a Usage Plan. The default configuration uses Kubernetes secrets, but you can add an Aerospike database.


Field Type Label Description
aerospike Configure the details of the Aerospike database that you want to use to store API keys. The details must match the external auth configuration in Gloo Edge. For more information, see the Gloo Edge API reference for AerospikeApiKeyStorage. At a minimum, provide the “hostname” and “port” fields for the IP address or hostname of the Aerospike database. The Gloo Portal controller must be able to reach the Aerospike database at this hostname and port.


Status field is required to generate a client, but this is currently not updated anywhere

Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The observed generation of the ApiKeyStorage. When this observed generation matches the ApiKeyStorage's metadata.generation, the status is up to date.
state The current state of the ApiKeyStorage.
reason string A human-readable string explaining the error, if any.