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An AccessLevel defines the set of Portals and API Products accessible by Users or Groups. Users with access to a Portal will be able to log in, browse portal pages, and view Api Products. Users with access to an API Products will be able to interact with that API Products (e.g. view their specification, requests API Keys) if it is published in the accessed Portal.
AccessLevel can be defined at the User level as well as the Group level.

Field Type Label Description
portals [] repeated Users with this access level have access to these Portal objects.
apiProducts []AccessLevel.APIProductPlansAccess repeated Users with this access level have access to API Products whose labels match this selector.
API Products are always served from within a portal, which means an API Products must be linked to one of the selected Portals to be accessed.


A reference to specific Usage Plans to to an API Product

Field Type Label Description
name string Name of the API Product
namespace string Namespace of the API Product
plans []string repeated The names of Usage Plans which this User is authorized to utilize. This may be omitted if the API Product does not define a usage plan.