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A reference to a particular APIProduct. Specifies which versions are included in this Environment.

Field Type Label Description
name string The name of the target APIProduct.
namespace string The namespace of the target APIProduct.
publishedVersions []APIVersionSelector repeated The versions of the APIProduct included in this Environment.
plans []UsagePlan repeated A list of Usage Plans available for accessing the APIProduct in this Environment. If none are specified, unlimited access will be enabled for unauthorized users.


Field Type Label Description
name string The internal name of the referenced API Version. Given an APIProduct, this identifies a particular Version within that Product.
externalName string The name used by clients to refer to this API Version.


An Environment represents information about a set of domains that serve a set of APIProduct versions. Environments control route creation and route-level configuration (e.g. rate limits, user access).

Field Type Label Description
domains []string repeated The domains that will serve the APIProducts in this Environment. Domains must be unique across all Environments. These must be valid FQDN or wildcard hostnames.
When using Istio, these domains must match one or more hosts inside the servers field on the Istio Gateway.
apiProducts []APIProductSelector repeated The APIProducts that will be served in this Environment.
displayInfo EnvironmentSpec.DisplayInfo User-facing info to display to GUI users for this Environment.


User-facing display information about the Environment.

Field Type Label Description
displayName string
description string


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The observed generation of the Environment. When this matches the Environment’s metadata.generation, it indicates the status is up-to-date.
state common.devportal.solo.io.State The current state of the Environment.
reason string A human-readable string explaining the error, if any.
modifiedDate google.protobuf.Timestamp Most recent date the Environment was updated.
publishedPortals []EnvironmentStatus.ReferencingPortal repeated The set of Portals on which APIProducts included in this Environment are published. Includes routing data about the Portals relevant to the Product.
usagePlansForProducts []EnvironmentStatus.ProductToPlans repeated For each Usage Plan defined on an APIProduct included in the Environment, indicates the API keys, if any, provisioned for the plan.


An APIProduct and the usage plans the Environment has defined for that APIProduct.

Field Type Label Description
apiProductRef common.devportal.solo.io.ObjectRef
usagePlans []EnvironmentStatus.UsagePlanStatus repeated


Information about a Portal which references this Environment.

Field Type Label Description
name string The name of the Portal.
namespace string The namespace of the Portal.
domains []string repeated A list of the Portal domains which currently give access to APIProducts in this Environment. This is required to properly configure CORS policies for the Environment so that it can be queried from the interactive API documentation published in the Portal.


Gives the Status of a Usage Plan that lives on the Portal.

Field Type Label Description
name string The name of the plan.
provisionedKeys []common.devportal.solo.io.ObjectRef repeated The Secrets containing the API keys that have been provisioned for this usage plan.