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API Management and Developer Onboarding for Istio

The Istio Developer Portal provides a framework for managing the definitions of APIs, API client identity, and API policies on top of Istio. Vendors of API products can leverage the Istio Developer Portal to secure, manage, and publish their APIs independent of the operations used to manage networking infrastructure.

Powered by the OpenAPI and gRPC specifications, the Istio Developer Portal provides policy, traffic control, and a web UI for consuming APIs provided by services deployed in and outside of Kubernetes.

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How does it work?

The Istio Developer Portal is driven using declarative YAML configuration (Kubernetes Custom Resources), as well as by Istio service discovery and routing capabilities, making it the first Kubernetes-native Developer Portal of its kind.

Users of the Istio Developer Portal upload API Documents (OpenAPI or gRPC schemas) that reflect the APIs served by microservices running inside (or outside) Kubernetes. Once that is done, users can do any of the following: - Bundle individual API operations into API Products. - Publish API Products to a customizable Portal Web UI. - Expose API Products to Ingress traffic with Istio. - set Authz and Rate-Limiting policies on exposed API Products.

The Istio Developer Portal automates Istio networking (VirtualServices, DestinationRules, and EnvoyFilters) and renders a dynamic Developer Portal Website from user-provided API Documents, which are bundled and published as API Products.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started tutorial to publish your first Developer Portal!

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