Package : google.protobuf


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ListValue is a wrapper around a repeated field of values.

The JSON representation for ListValue is JSON array.

Field Type Label Description
values []Value repeated Repeated field of dynamically typed values.


Struct represents a structured data value, consisting of fields which map to dynamically typed values. In some languages, Struct might be supported by a native representation. For example, in scripting languages like JS a struct is represented as an object. The details of that representation are described together with the proto support for the language.

The JSON representation for Struct is JSON object.

Field Type Label Description
fields []Struct.FieldsEntry repeated Unordered map of dynamically typed values.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value Value


Value represents a dynamically typed value which can be either null, a number, a string, a boolean, a recursive struct value, or a list of values. A producer of value is expected to set one of that variants, absence of any variant indicates an error.

The JSON representation for Value is JSON value.

Field Type Label Description
null_value NullValue Represents a null value.
number_value double Represents a double value.
string_value string Represents a string value.
bool_value bool Represents a boolean value.
struct_value Struct Represents a structured value.
list_value ListValue Represents a repeated Value.


NullValue is a singleton enumeration to represent the null value for the Value type union.

The JSON representation for NullValue is JSON null.

Name Number Description
NULL_VALUE 0 Null value.