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how to deploy the filter

Field Type Label Description
istio IstioDeploymentSpec Deploy to Istio


A FilterDeployment tells the Wasme Operator to deploy a filter with the provided configuration to the target workloads. Currently FilterDeployments support Wasm filters on Istio

Field Type Label Description
filter FilterSpec the spec of the filter to deploy
deployment DeploymentSpec Spec that selects one or more target workloads in the FilterDeployment namespace


the current status of the deployment

Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 the observed generation of the FilterDeployment
workloads []FilterDeploymentStatus.WorkloadsEntry repeated for each workload, was the deployment successful?
reason string a human-readable string explaining the error, if any


Field Type Label Description
key string
value WorkloadStatus


the filter to deploy

Field Type Label Description
id string unique identifier that will be used
to remove the filter as well as for logging.
if id is not set, it will be set automatically to be the name.namespace
of the FilterDeployment resource
image string name of image which houses the compiled wasm filter
config google.protobuf.Any Filter/service configuration used to configure or reconfigure a plugin
google.protobuf.Struct is serialized as JSON before
passing it to the plugin. google.protobuf.BytesValue and
google.protobuf.StringValue are passed directly without the wrapper.
rootID string the root id must match the root id
defined inside the filter.
if the user does not provide this field,
wasme will attempt to pull the image
and set it from the filter_conf
the first time it must pull the image and inspect it
second time it will cache it locally
if the user provides
imagePullOptions ImagePullOptions custom options if pulling from private / custom repositories
patchContext string a class of configurations based on the traffic flow direction
and workload type.
defaults to inbound.
See https://istio.io/latest/docs/reference/config/networking/envoy-filter/#EnvoyFilter-PatchContext for more details.


Field Type Label Description
pullSecret string if a username/password is required,
specify here the name of a secret:
with keys:

the secret must live in the same namespace as the FilterDeployment | | insecureSkipVerify | bool | | skip verifying the image server's TLS certificate | | plainHttp | bool | | use HTTP instead of HTTPS |


how to deploy to Istio

Field Type Label Description
kind string the kind of workload to deploy the filter to
can either be Deployment, DaemonSet or Statefulset
labels []IstioDeploymentSpec.LabelsEntry repeated deploy the filter to workloads with these labels
the workload must live in the same namespace as the FilterDeployment
if empty, the filter will be deployed to all workloads in the namespace
istioNamespace string the namespace where the Istio control plane is installed.
defaults to istio-system.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


Field Type Label Description
state WorkloadStatus.State
reason string a human-readable string explaining the error, if any


the state of the filter deployment

Name Number Description
Pending 0
Succeeded 1
Failed 2