wasme build precompiled

wasme build precompiled

Build a wasm image from a Precompiled filter.


wasme supports building deployable images from a precompiled .wasm file. The user must provide their own configuration file with the –config flag.

The specification for this flag can be found here: /web-assembly-hub/latest/reference/image_config

wasme build precompiled COMPILED_FILTER_FILE --tag <name:tag> --config <image config> [flags]


  -h, --help   help for precompiled

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string    The path to the filter configuration file for the image. If not specified, defaults to <SOURCE_DIRECTOR>/runtime-config.json. This file must be present in order to build the image.
  -i, --image string     Name of the docker image containing the Bazel run instructions. Modify to run a custom builder image (default "quay.io/solo-io/ee-builder:dev")
      --store string     Set the path to the local storage directory for wasm images. Defaults to $HOME/.wasme/store
  -t, --tag string       The image ref with which to tag this image. Specified in the format <name:tag>. Required
      --tmp-dir string   Directory for storing temporary files during build. Defaults to /tmp on OSx and Linux. If unset, temporary files will be removed after build
  -v, --verbose          verbose output