WebAssembly Hub
The WebAssembly Hub

The WebAssembly Hub is a meeting place for the community to share and consume WebAssembly Envoy extensions. Easily search and find extensions that meet the functionality you want to add and give them a try.

Please see the announcement blog that goes into more detail on the motivation for WebAssembly Hub and how we see it driving the future direction of Envoy-based networking projects/products including API Gateways and Service Mesh.

The wasme CLI provides a tool for building and sharing Envoy WebAssembly extensions.

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How does it work?

The WebAssembly Hub, in combination with the wasme CLI, provides an easy way to build, push, pull, and share Envoy WebAssembly Filters.

The WebAssembly Hub acts as an image registry for WebAssembly Filters hosted at Use the wasme CLI to:

Getting Started

See the Getting Started tutorial to build, push, and run your first WebAssembly Filter!

Next Steps