meshctl demo istio-multicluster init

meshctl demo istio-multicluster init

Bootstrap an AWS App mesh and EKS cluster demo with Service Mesh Hub


Prerequisites: 1. meshctl 2. eksctl ( 3. Helm ( 4. AWS API credentials must be configured, either through the “~/.aws/credentials” file or environment variables. See these references for more information: a. b.

meshctl demo istio-multicluster init [flags]


  -h, --help   help for init

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string          Specify which context from the kubeconfig should be used; uses current context if none is specified
      --kube-timeout duration   Specify the default timeout for requests to kubernetes API servers (default 5s)
      --kubeconfig string       Specify the kubeconfig for the current command
  -n, --namespace string        Specify the namespace where Service Mesh Hub resources should be written (default "service-mesh-hub")
  -v, --verbose                 Enable verbose mode, which outputs additional execution details that may be helpful for debugging