meshctl cluster register

meshctl cluster register

Register a new cluster by creating a service account token in that cluster through which to authorize Service Mesh Hub


In order to specify the remote cluster against which to perform this operation, one or both of the –remote-kubeconfig or –remote-context flags must be set. The former selects the kubeconfig file, and the latter selects which context should be used from that kubeconfig file

meshctl cluster register [flags]


  -h, --help                            help for register
      --overwrite                       Overwrite any cluster registered with the cluster name provided
      --remote-cluster-name string      Name of the cluster to be operated upon
      --remote-context string           Set the context you would like to use for the remote cluster
      --remote-kubeconfig string        Set the path to the kubeconfig you would like to use for the remote cluster. Leave empty to use the default
      --remote-write-namespace string   Namespace in the remote cluster in which to write resources (default "service-mesh-hub")
      --values strings                  List of files with value overrides for the csr-agent Helm chart, (e.g. --values file1,file2 or --values file1 --values file2)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string          Specify which context from the kubeconfig should be used; uses current context if none is specified
      --kube-timeout duration   Specify the default timeout for requests to kubernetes API servers (default 5s)
      --kubeconfig string       Specify the kubeconfig for the current command
  -n, --namespace string        Specify the namespace where Service Mesh Hub resources should be written (default "service-mesh-hub")
  -v, --verbose                 Enable verbose mode, which outputs additional execution details that may be helpful for debugging