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A FailoverService creates a new hostname to which services can send requests. Requests will be routed based on a list of backing services ordered by decreasing priority. When outlier detection detects that a service in the list is in an unhealthy state, requests sent to the FailoverService will be routed to the next healthy service in the list. For each service referenced in the failover services list, outlier detection must be configured using a TrafficPolicy.
Currently this feature only supports Services backed by Istio.

Field Type Label Description
hostname string The DNS name of the failover service. Must be unique within the service mesh instance since it is used as the hostname with which clients communicate.
port FailoverServiceSpec.Port The port on which the failover service listens.
meshes [] repeated The meshes that this failover service will be visible to.
failoverServices [] repeated A list of services ordered by decreasing priority for failover. All services must be backed by either the same service mesh instance or backed by service meshes that are grouped under a common VirtualMesh.


The port on which the failover service listens.

Field Type Label Description
port uint32 Port number.
protocol string Protocol of the requests sent to the failover service, must be one of HTTP, HTTPS, GRPC, HTTP2, MONGO, TCP, TLS.


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The generation the validation_status was observed on.
translationStatus Whether or not the resource has been successfully translated into concrete, mesh-specific routing configuration.
translatorErrors []FailoverServiceStatus.TranslatorError repeated Provides details on any translation errors that occurred. If any errors exist, this FailoverService has not been translated into mesh-specific config.
validationStatus Whether or not this resource has passed validation. This is a required step before it can be translated into concrete, mesh-specific failover configuration.


An error pertaining to translation of the FailoverService to mesh-specific configuration.

Field Type Label Description
translatorId string ID representing a translator that translates FailoverService to Mesh-specific config.
errorMessage string Message describing the error(s).