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access control policies apply ALLOW policies to communication in a mesh access control policies specify the following: ALLOW those requests: - originating from from source pods - sent to destination pods - matching the indicated request criteria (allowed_paths, allowed_methods, allowed_ports) if no access control policies are present, all traffic in the mesh will be set to ALLOW

Field Type Label Description
sourceSelector requests originating from these pods will have the rule applied leave empty to have all pods in the mesh apply these policies
note that access control policies are mapped to source pods by their service account. if other pods share the same service account, this access control rule will apply to those pods as well.
for fine-grained access control policies, ensure that your service accounts properly reflect the desired boundary for your access control policies
destinationSelector requests destined for these pods will have the rule applied leave empty to apply to all destination pods in the mesh
allowedPaths []string repeated Optional. A list of HTTP paths or gRPC methods to allow. gRPC methods must be presented as fully-qualified name in the form of “/packageName.serviceName/methodName” and are case sensitive. Exact match, prefix match, and suffix match are supported for paths. For example, the path “/books/review” matches “/books/review” (exact match), “books/” (suffix match), or “/books” (prefix match),
If not specified, it allows to any path.
allowedMethods [] repeated Optional. A list of HTTP methods to allow (e.g., “GET”, “POST”). It is ignored in gRPC case because the value is always “POST”. If not specified, allows any method.
allowedPorts []uint32 repeated Optional. A list of ports which to allow if not set any port is allowed


Field Type Label Description
translationStatus The status reported by the process translating this resource into mesh-specific resource(s).
translatorErrors []AccessControlPolicyStatus.TranslatorError repeated More detailed errors than the base status provided by translation_status.


TODO use a shared Status message with TrafficPolicy once autopilot allows for it

Field Type Label Description
translatorId string ID representing a translator that translates TrafficPolicy to Mesh-specific config
errorMessage string