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Fine tune the settings for connections to an upstream

"maxRequestsPerConnection": int
"connectTimeout": .google.protobuf.Duration
"perConnectionBufferLimitBytes": .google.protobuf.UInt32Value

Field Type Description Default
maxRequestsPerConnection int Maximum requests for a single upstream connection (unspecified or zero = no limit).
connectTimeout .google.protobuf.Duration The timeout for new network connections to hosts in the cluster.
tcpKeepalive Configure OS-level tcp keepalive checks.
perConnectionBufferLimitBytes .google.protobuf.UInt32Value Soft limit on size of the cluster’s connections read and write buffers. If unspecified, an implementation defined default is applied (1MiB). For more info, see the envoy docs.


If set then set SO_KEEPALIVE on the socket to enable TCP Keepalives. see more info here:

"keepaliveProbes": int
"keepaliveTime": .google.protobuf.Duration
"keepaliveInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration

Field Type Description Default
keepaliveProbes int Maximum number of keepalive probes to send without response before deciding the connection is dead.
keepaliveTime .google.protobuf.Duration The number of seconds a connection needs to be idle before keep-alive probes start being sent. This is rounded up to the second.
keepaliveInterval .google.protobuf.Duration The number of seconds between keep-alive probes. This is rounded up to the second.