Package: envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2


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"transformations": []envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.TransformationRule

Field Type Description Default
transformations []envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.TransformationRule Specifies transformations based on the route matches. The first matched transformation will be applied. If there are overlapped match conditions, please put the most specific match first.


"match": .envoy.api.v2.route.RouteMatch
"routeTransformations": .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.RouteTransformations

Field Type Description Default
match .envoy.api.v2.route.RouteMatch The route matching parameter. Only when the match is satisfied, the “requires” field will apply. For example: following match will match all requests. .. code-block:: yaml match: prefix: /.
routeTransformations .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.RouteTransformations transformation to perform.


"requestTransformation": .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Transformation
"clearRouteCache": bool
"responseTransformation": .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Transformation

Field Type Description Default
requestTransformation .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Transformation
clearRouteCache bool clear the route cache if the request transformation was applied.
responseTransformation .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Transformation


"dlpTransformation": .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.DlpTransformation

Field Type Description Default
dlpTransformation .envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.DlpTransformation


"actions": []envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Action

Field Type Description Default
actions []envoy.config.filter.http.transformation_ee.v2.Action list of actions to apply.


"name": string
"regex": []string
"shadow": bool
"percent": .envoy.type.Percent
"maskChar": string

Field Type Description Default
name string Identifier for this action. Used mostly to help ID specific actions in logs. If left null will default to unknown.
regex []string List of regexes to apply to the response body to match data which should be masked They will be applied iteratively in the order which they are specified.
shadow bool If specified, this rule will not actually be applied, but only logged.
percent .envoy.type.Percent The percent of the string which should be masked. If not set, defaults to 75%.
maskChar string The character which should overwrite the masked data If left empty, defaults to “X”.